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Success through Proactive Media Strategies – Dicomm Media

A media strategy is a plan of action or route map to help organizations reach their target audience and enhance the overall conversion rate. Building visibility in a general consumer or niche market is a complex process requiring a thorough understanding of the demographics and means to generate attention in the most effective ways. Dicomm Media have great experience in this strategy formulation reducing the time required to get your product on the market or promote your service or organization.

Undertaking a marketing campaign is a coordinated process of product or service promotion through different mediums and different types of advertisements.  We are experienced media planners, with an analytical approach to decision making, and ensure we develop the right combination of media to achieve your marketing objectives. Our services involve:

Launching and Growing New Brands in the Market

According to marketing research data, most new brands launched in the market inevitably fail where insufficient research and analysis has not been done on the market. Companies that also fail to allocate enough resources to new product publicity may have difficulty with long term sustainability. Consumers must also be sufficiently educated on product usage for it to be a success. Users must have a good understanding on how the product will fulfill their needs.

At Dicomm media, we consider all the possible outcomes for the product or service including research, strategy formulation, consumer survey and guidance to make your new brand a success.

Media Research
This is the process of developing strategies, negotiating and buying of Ad placements.  Multiple factors are put into consideration during this process such as; product considerations, target audience/market , campaign goals and measurable objectives.

Specific and realistic goals are required as they have an implementation period and are easy to monitor during execution. The company also ensures that the performance of the adverts is optimized throughout the campaign cycle.

Media planning includes;

    • Audience research, to establish which media is the best for the intended targeted audience

Expenditure estimates across the different medias available.

  • Buying for guaranteed ads placements versus non-guaranteed placements
  • Adverts ordering, trafficking, analysis and reporting on the progress.
  • Discount media analysis and buying

Public Relations
The importance of sound public relations strategy should not be underestimated in any organization. Potential consumers should always view the company and the product positively. It is however, a challenging task requiring distinct efforts; because information is conveyed through third party media entities, bloggers, journalists and other influencers. Dicomm Media steps in and offers direction over the public relations task of your business. This is achieved by:

  • Creation of brand awareness, through networking and establishing a good image about your company & products,
  • Through our industry experience, we are able to generate news for your company with editors and journalists of major media across print, television, radio and digital.
  • Audience research and analysis
  • Press conferences and marketing tours
  • Building community relations

Dicomm media has served the communications and marketing interests of companies, organizations and associations for more than 20 years.